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Counselling Services

Free 15-Minute Initial Meeting


  Research has shown that the most important factor that creates meaningful change in therapy is the therapeutic relationship between the client and therapist. This means that the "fit" between therapist and client is crucial, so you need to feel safe and comfortable with your therapist’s approach.  I offer a free 15-minute consultation to answer questions and allow you to determine whether there is a good "fit" before booking a full appointment; this consultation can be completed either in person or over the phone.

Individual & Couples Counselling


Many people have had difficult things happen to them that remain unresolved, including holding onto expectations or other feelings that have not been expressed. Although these events may have occurred in the past, they get carried forward in some manner and often contribute to current-day relationship problems. Such issues may seem to be individual burdens, but they did not form in isolation; they very likely built over time and involved other people. That’s why it can be important to work not only with the individual who is trying to improve their mental wellness, but also with that person’s partner (and sometimes other family members). Life is most satisfying when we live in harmonious relationships, and therapy can often support the healing and growth associated with more positive connections.

Emotion Focused Family Therapy (EFFT) and Parenting Support


Deeply rooted in the healing power of positive connections, EFFT helps caregivers feel more confident in promoting their loved one’s mental health and well-being. The therapist empowers caregivers to support their loved one in processing and managing stress and emotional pain, making dysregulated symptoms unnecessary to cope with difficult situations. EFFT can also help facilitate relationship repair by healing possible wounds from the child or family’s past in order to allow loved ones to let go of the weight of old injuries. EFFT is a lifespan approach that can be delivered with entire families, parents and children, and with parents only.